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English Jammies



Follow directions for Sticky Fingers Original Scone mix.
Once the mix is dropped on the cookie sheet, make a well in the center of each scone.
Place a spoon full of jam in each well. Bake as directed.
Enjoy warm for breakfast with a cup of tea.


  • During this shelter-in-place Coronavirus chapter of earth time, finding a Blueberry Scone mix already @ home was extra fortuitous. Mixing and baking them in my scone pan was easy and truly fun. The blueberry scone scent lingered a good half-hour in the kitchen (bake/cool time) & eating them has been a spirit lifter! Thank you & today I have ordered 7 more mixes!

    Adrian A. King
  • Found your delicious scones while I was out with a friend several years ago and became addicted to them. Try to keep a couple in the house at all times

    Margaret Adams

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